ICAPlants at Reifen Messe 2014

May 27-30, 2014
        Essen, Germany

New Bottles Packing Machine

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Coveyance Systems for X-Ray Machines

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STAR at China Glass 2012

        April 2-5,
        Stand 1-339,
        Hall E1.

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Systems and Machines in Food Industry

Integration of X Ray Inspection Systems

In the food industry is increasing the use of x-ray machines for quality control. We integrate x-ray machines to offer a  high performance turn-key solution to our Customers: conveyors speed for bottles/vials up to 140 m/min and multi-format augers for reduced changeover. Our lead shields and paths with 90° angles ensure the safety of operators, according to European Directives 89/391, 89/654, 90/269, 90/270, 90/394, 90/679 and about ionizing radiation: 80/836, 84/467, 84/466, 89/618, 90/641, 96/29).

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