ICAPlants at Reifen Messe 2014

May 27-30, 2014
        Essen, Germany

New Bottles Packing Machine

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Coveyance Systems for X-Ray Machines

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STAR at China Glass 2012

        April 2-5,
        Stand 1-339,
        Hall E1.

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The reel handling unit is a complex structure that allows to relocate the reels towards any position and so it always guarantees the parallelism of the expandable axis with the metallizers’ winding system.
This is made up of:

 - A main “bridge” structure which is placed facing the vacuum chamber of the metallizer, in vertical position. It can move on        the floor in an orthogonal direction with regard to the roll, being fastened to the ground by means of skids sliding along two      guides placed on the floor.

 - A secondary “bridge structure" which can move in a vertical direction along the main “bridge structure" by means of skids          sliding along two vertical guides placed on the main “bridge structure".

 - A pair of horizontal arms that are joined to the secondary “bridge structure" and, as consequence, can be moved vertically.

 - A pair of strong hooks which can move horizontally by sliding along two guides placed on the movable arms. They catch,          hoist, and displace in sequence the reels (either already coated or still uncoated) and the cardboard cores, by putting them      onto, or taking by the Reel Positioning Unit.

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