Fitting Machine


Utmost attention to the assemblage of the tyre with the wheel rim must be paid. The wheel life and consequently the whole cycle of its use depends on the right usage of the above mentioned machine.
The assemblage is effected by the Fitting machine composed of a vertical tubular structure, welded vertically in order to boost mechanical resistance against torsion or other deformations, and of a basement made of thick metal sheets, all resting on a linking basement. The whole system for the rotating head and assembly is on the vertical structure, whilst all the systems for the gripping of the wheel rim are inside the basement.
The machine allows to assemble automatically the tyre and the wheel rim through a special head of assembly, which rotates continuously 360° clockwise.
The lower part of the machine guarantees, through two selfcentering slides, the centering and gripping of the wheel rim on the platform avoiding possible rotations.
The upper part allows the assembly of the tyre on the wheel rim. It is made of a head sliding long the vertical axis that positions itself at the set level and performs the assembly by keeping the tyre locked, via an endless screw system.
The rotation speed may vary according to the bead hardness.

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