Robotized Wheels Loading


Thanks to the tyres automatic loading machine it is possible to load automatically tyres on the cage and to pick up the empty cage with the lift truck.
The system is made of a loading cage idler, a robotized loading station and unloading cage idler.
The loading cage idler allows the loading of a serial of cages from the robotized tyres loading station and manages, through blocks, the handling in cycles. At the end of these cycles a new loaded cage is ready for the idler.
The robotized tyres loading station has a rotation system which guarantees the loading from both sides of the cages. This rotation is functional for the automotive systems.
The unloading cage idler is equipped with a block for the cages in line out so that a cage does not run on till the idler station is empty.
The system allows also a loading idler for tyres one on top of the other.
The tyres are loaded with a lift truck on the idler which handles them on the loading station. Here the robot arranges the tyres on the assembly line.

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