ICAPlants at Reifen Messe 2014

May 27-30, 2014
        Essen, Germany

New Bottles Packing Machine

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Coveyance Systems for X-Ray Machines

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STAR at China Glass 2012

        April 2-5,
        Stand 1-339,
        Hall E1.

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Industry - Automation for Your Processes

With the experience gained in different areas of our consolidated business; from automotive to pharmaceuticals to the handling of heavy loads and automatic tyres assembly, we are able to offer plants and machinery tailored to your business to add value to your investments and production needs.
Some examples  are the solutions we provide in palletizing, welding, assembly, robotic handling and plastics deburring.
Our systems are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, developed together with the Customer and with top quality components.
Here are some of our solutions:

Soldering Machines Enslavement

Robotized Contact Processing

A six-axis robot mounted on a linear track has a fully equipped tool to manage all the semi-finished parts during the process. In particular, it also houses a vision system with illuminator, for robot driving during the pick and place operationsThe system is able to automate the process "end-to-end"; including palletizing, depalletizing, and pick and place of interlayers.

Soldering Machines Enslavement

A detailed feasibility study and a complex design allowed the executions of operations by robot, once performed manually.
A strong increase in productivity and quality of the final product have been reached, with a cycle time of less than 12 seconds.

Camshaft Assembly and Soldering Robotized Cell

Camshaft Assembly and Soldering Robotized Cell

In this robotized cell the operations of picking, assembly and soldering are completely accomplished by a couple of robots. One of them has an external axis to control the soldering lathe.


Systems and Machines in Food Industry

Integration of X Ray Inspection Systems

In the food industry is increasing the use of x-ray machines for quality control. We integrate x-ray machines to offer a  high performance turn-key solution to our Customers: conveyors speed for bottles/vials up to 140 m/min and multi-format augers for reduced changeover. Our lead shields and paths with 90° angles ensure the safety of operators, according to European Directives 89/391, 89/654, 90/269, 90/270, 90/394, 90/679 and about ionizing radiation: 80/836, 84/467, 84/466, 89/618, 90/641, 96/29).