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Reels - Handling Systems for Reels

Metallized film or paper producers often have the problem for handling heavy reels with maximum safety for the operators, high precision in positioning and maximum reduction of the downtime during handling.
ICAPlants has developed Handling System for reels and heavy loads, based on machines and auxiliary equipments that can solve handling problem in the areas of the metallization plants.
Such systems allow the loading and unloading of the reels from the metallizer in a reliable and safety way.
For example using anti-collision devices between axis and reel during loading and unloading cycle, a typical problem when the metallizer is loaded by crane.
Trolleys and storages systems complete our product range for all kind of handling needs.



It is basically a “V” shaped cradle fasten to the ground, which is parallel to the winding system of he metallizer.
The cradle, is able to house alternatively the incoming raw reel and the outgoing metallized reel. It can accept not perfectly centred incoming raw reels.
Sensors automatically control the cradle movements along the horizontal axis for the perfect centring of the incoming raw reels in respect to the metallizer, with precision of ± 200 mm.
A special device located in the cradle can allow the easy replacing and centring of the in use cardboard core with a new one, providing also the automatic management of the expandable shaft.
It’s possible to have a perpendicular movements though special guides, to get easy loading and unloading operations.



Easy-load is a machine that allows the load and the unload of the reels from the metallizer.
The handling of the reels is made by operator who works throw a panel, that commands the movements of the hooks.
The machine is equipped with anti-collision microswitches and it is made up of a main structure fixed on the ground.
The cradle can move on the main structure and holds the lifting hooks by chain block.
This machinery can be equipped with loading cradle (manual or automatic) and shaft puller.



A double-quadrilateral structure , is fixed to the ground in front of the metallization chamber and bears two pairs of arms whose ends are shaped like hooks.
These arms catch, hoist, and displace both the reel (either already coated or still uncoated) and the cardboard core, complete with the expansible shafts, by taking them from the movable structure and placing them upon the winding mechanism of the metallization chamber, or vice-versa.
All movements occur by means of hydraulic pistons, equipped with proximity sensors and also a speed modulator for cylinders.
A safety system provided with limit switches is located on each of the lifting arms to make the machine stop if expansible shaft are placed wrong.
Two parallel guides, placed on the stationary part of this assembly, allow the the structure to move.



The reel handling unit is a complex structure that allows to relocate the reels towards any position and so it always guarantees the parallelism of the expandable axis with the metallizers’ winding system.
This is made up of:

 - A main “bridge” structure which is placed facing the vacuum chamber of the metallizer, in vertical position. It can move on        the floor in an orthogonal direction with regard to the roll, being fastened to the ground by means of skids sliding along two      guides placed on the floor.

 - A secondary “bridge structure" which can move in a vertical direction along the main “bridge structure" by means of skids          sliding along two vertical guides placed on the main “bridge structure".

 - A pair of horizontal arms that are joined to the secondary “bridge structure" and, as consequence, can be moved vertically.

 - A pair of strong hooks which can move horizontally by sliding along two guides placed on the movable arms. They catch,          hoist, and displace in sequence the reels (either already coated or still uncoated) and the cardboard cores, by putting them      onto, or taking by the Reel Positioning Unit.



It consists in a structure made of construction steel and coated with epoxy paint. It is fixed to the ground and is aligned with the loading cradle.
The axis extractor carries a mandrel (chuck) that easily hooks the expandable axis and that can move as follows :
 - horizontally in order to insert or extract the expandable axis;
 - vertically in order to align up with the expandable axis.
The extractor automatically is able to:
 - Find the centre of the cardboard core
 - Moves towards the reels axis;
 - Extract the expandable axis from the metallized reel;
 - Hold in deposit the expandable axis for the requested time;
 - Insert it into the reel to be metallized.
The pneumatical locking and unlocking operations of the expandable axis are manual.
Adequate mechanical supports hold the shaft once it’s free.



Our handling systems can be supplied with reels transport trolleys.
Trolleys can be manual or motorized and can be equipped with movable cradle.